AAC is proud to make available once again the Frank Griffith designed CA-2.  We are very pleased to add this great little design to our stable of aircraft.  It is exciting and an honor for us to support the previous as well as all the new builders to come of this great looking and affordable flying ultralight/experimental aircraft.

We are excited about the future of the CA-2 design and can’t wait to see more of these planes flying and displayed at local, regional, and national air shows. We look forward to supplying CA-2 plans and kits to the flying community.



General Characteristics


§  Crew:                                   one



§  Capacity:                             no passengers



§  Length:                                16 ft 6 in (5.03 m)



§  Wingspan:                           26 ft 0 in (7.93 m)



§  Height:                                 ()



§  Wing area:                          117 ft² (10.9 m²)



§  Empty weight:                      250 lbs (113 kg)



§  Useful load:                         270 lbs (122 kg)



§  Max takeoff weight:             520 lbs (235 kg)



§  Powerplant:                         Rotax 277, 28 hp (21 kW)







§  Never exceed speed:          80 mph (130 km/h)



§  Maximum speed:                 63 mph (102 km/h)



§  Cruise speed:                      50 mph (81 km/h)



§  Stall speed:                         26 mph (42 km/h)



§  Range:                                125 sm (203 km)



§  Service ceiling:                   10,000 ft (3050 m)



§  Rate of climb:                      600 fpm (3.05 m/s)



§  Wing loading:                      4.4 lb/ft² (21.6 kg/m²)



§  Power/mass:                       18.6 lb/hp (0.09 kW/kg)


The CA-2 plans set may be purchased using US funds in the amount of $150.00 plus:

U.S.P.S. mail to Continental US:                                       $10.00
U.S.P.S. mail to Alaska:                                                     $15.00
U.S.P.S. mail to Hawaii, Mexico, and Canada:                  $20.00
U.S.P.S. mail to other foreign countries:                            Contact us for shipping costs.

The plan sets will be shipped out insured and placed in a shipping envelope for protection. We do not charge a handling fee, the shipping price is the cost required to send the plans. You may use personal checks (must clear both banks), US Postal Money Order, Certified Check, or Cashiers Check for payment purposes. Note: Georgia residents must add 7% sales tax.

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Jasper, Georgia 30143

Or if you wish to purchase online use the "Send Money" option with PayPal which allows you to use:

Click on the PayPal image below to go to the PayPal website. Use "" for the recipient ("To") e-mail address. Remember to add the appropriate shipping amount plus tax if applicable to the plans total.


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